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Wood Decks

Wood decks are a great choice for many reasons. They provide a natural warmth and beauty that can be customized to a level beyond composites and alternatives. Wood options are long-lasting and durable with proper care and installation.
Additionally wood is typically easily sourced and a cost effective option. 

Low Maintenance Decks

There are so many low maintenance options available. Ask us about the different options and we will walk you through the pros and cons, our personal preferences and why. You will pay more upfront, but save time and money in the future. No painting or staining EVER! Want Curves? We do that too!

Ground Level Decks

The ground level deck provides the simplest way of expanding living space outdoors. Attached to the house or freestanding, these decks are particularly effective in providing usable space over damp, rocky or uneven terrain. If attached to the house, this type of deck can provide easy indoor/outdoor access for you and your guests. Shallow pools, tubs and planters can be set into the deck, and even hot tubs or pergolas can be integrated into the deck space.

Raised Decks

If you struggle to take full advantage of your yard due to sloped or uneven terrain, a raised deck can extend your livable area into previously unused space. Terraced decks can take the best advantage of the lay of the land, safely stepping down from house to ground level in an easy and aesthetically pleasing descent.

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